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High On A Mountain Sound File

Previously, I posted my tablature arangment for “High On A Mountain”. I thought that in this post I would follow up with a sound file for the same arrangement.

The song is played at a fairly moderate tempo but does not drag in anyway.

Listen closely for that slide all the way up the neck to get a sense of what your trying to accomplish as you practice this piece.

You’ll also notice that the song is played in the ‘key of D’ giving you a much different sound on the banjo than we are normally used to hearing when the banjo is played out of a G position. The capoed fifth string along with the different chord inversions we encounter in this key make for a unique sound that is especially pleasing for this particular piece. You might like it so much that you will think I purposfully chose to play it in D for this reason, but in fact, I chose D because my voice feels most comfortable there with this song.

So here it is: High On A Mountain

Keep at it!

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