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Duncan Jam Attended By MOB Members

Just recently I received an email from a fellow bluegrass picker in Manitoba. His name is Joe Cotie.

Joe plays guitar and sings bluegrass. Joe and his wife Lil, were making their way to Duncan to visit family when they stumbled across this web site and then decided to contact me.

Before long, we were making plans to get together and pick.

Well, let me just show you the article Joe wrote for the Manitoba Old Time Bluegrass Society’s newsletter, the Dill Pickle Rag, where he talks of his time here in Duncan.

I’m sure you’ll see that bluegrass music has a lot more to offer than just great pickin’ but it also encompasses a whole bunch of great people that you wouldn’t meet otherwise.

Here’s the article:

Thanks a bunch Joe for looking us up and we sure hope you’ll stop in again sometime!


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